Five books out of… a lot

I’m a final year student, in my final term, writing my final blog post and it’s so tempting to talk about something I’ve learned or my favourite thing about being a student, but I will refrain. There are other posts that sum it up much better than I could.

Nonetheless, I love reflecting, so I thought, as an English Literature student, I would recommend my top five books that I’ve studied and think everyone should read. We usually look at three texts a week… so that’s three multiplied by… how many weeks in a term… 12? Three times twelve, times six, plus the extra books for extended reading… I think that equals… a lot. Continue reading

Beans, beans, good for your heart…

… the more you eat, the more money you raise for Tearfund!

A couple of weeks ago, my housemate and I participated in something called the Mean Bean challenge. We ate only plain rice and plain beans (so baked beans weren’t allowed!) and only drank water for a week to raise money for families across the world who live in poverty. Every £10 we raised will provide teaching and resources for an entire family, providing a sustainable source of food. Continue reading

Rest is for the stereotype

“What society thinks I do…”

I’m sure you can think of a meme that begins like this and it probably features a student lying in bed surrounded by old pizza boxes. We’ve all experienced the joke that students do nothing and, as a bed-lover, I can see where it comes from, but when faced with the classic stereotype I just awkwardly laugh and wonder to what extent they’re joking. Our family friends (especially the older generation…) seem to believe that all students do is rest. Continue reading

Being a Christian at university: myth busting

I don’t know what came into your head when you read that title. Maybe you went to church when you were a kid and experienced the strange world of the traditional church with its archaic hymns and dry quiches. Perhaps your perception comes from loud people on the street who shout right-wing things about homosexuality and abortion. (I immediately feel the need to apologise…) Or perhaps you imagine Christians with a ‘holier than thou’ halo. Continue reading