Lunch at the Students’ Union

For this post I thought I’d give a summary of what the Student’s Union has to offer in terms of food – a subject I know is a popular one for many students! As I live quite a distance from uni it’s too far to go back home for lunch (and my abilities to make a packed lunch aren’t up to scratch) so I often pop into the Union to grab a quick bite to eat. Whilst of course it provides far more than somewhere to get lunch, this part of the Union means that it offers a fantastic place to relax and get away from the library, as well as being an affordable place to eat! Continue reading

Exam season without exams

It’s a slightly strange experience coming back after the Christmas holidays to a packed library- even more so when I don’t have any exams! Having said that, I still do have several coursework deadlines due in a couple of weeks, so I still need to use the library just as much. But I’m sure it’s a different experience as a postgrad – I recently worked out that this will be my first year with no exams since I took my GCSEs (I’m not sure if that’s definitely a good thing though, as personally I quite enjoyed revision, as it’s only stressful over a short period of time, rather than the longer process of coursework or a dissertation). However, I’ve found that Western Bank seems to have a fair few free places, and as long as you get in early enough, you’d be fine with getting a seat in the IC. Continue reading

From town to gown: a new postgrad’s experiences

So it’s been two months since I began my new life as a postgrad here in Sheffield. I’m originally from Sheffield, so I thought I already knew a lot about the University, and what’s available for students. However, it is only since being introduced as a student here that I can really see how the other half live. And so far, I can safely say that everything provided for students makes me feel like I can make the most of  a brilliant environment built for a great work/life balance. Continue reading