Throughout this exam period, all I can think about is the summer break afterwards. The 2 June seems so far away right now but after that I am free from the stresses of exams and revision.

I really want to achieve something this summer though. It’s tempting after a long year at university to laze about watching This Morning and avoid being productive. It can sometimes feel like you blink and suddenly its September and you’re sat in a lecture theatre again. So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. I’m going to write a to-do list in this blog of all the things I would like to achieve by the end of the summer. Some of them might be daft, some of them might be really insightful but if I can achieve just a few of them I will be happy. Continue reading


Some people know what job they want to do or what degree they want to study from a very early age. I did not. In fact I only really fell into Accounting and Financial Management because it seemed to play to my strengths. I was good at Maths and found Business Studies to be really interesting. I didn’t really know what my studies would entail or even if I’d enjoy doing them! So this is a short blog on my experiences of studying Accounting and Financial Management at university. Continue reading

The almost people

My university experience is built entirely around commuting to university which has been reflected in my blogs for this page. In fact, the first blog I ever wrote was called “A Commuter’s Life for Me”, if you are interested. But I still think that commuting is an area of university life which is under-represented. Many don’t think about those of us who travel to and from university everyday.

I’ve learnt a lot of things in commuting on the trains about myself, the commuting society and how to make public transport a bit more bearable. So here are 10 things that I learnt as a commuter: Continue reading

Closing time

Having a job while studying at university has its obvious benefits. The extra money coming in allows me to pay for food, my social life and that treat of a bar of chocolate I plan on buying after my last exam of the season. But having this level of financial independence is not the only benefit. From my experience, there are so many others which aren’t often thought about. Continue reading

The end of the world

I am proud to say that I put an immense amount of effort into my studies at university. I attend every lecture, every tutorial and feel proud of the dedication that I have towards gaining my degree. But dedication and effort doesn’t mean everything will always go to plan. I write this blog on the night of a particularly difficult day of receiving a bad result on an assignment.

When I looked at that percentage on the screen, it really did feel like the End of the World. Continue reading

A commuter’s life for me

5.50am: My alarm went off.
5.55am: My alarm went off again.
6.00am: I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom.
6.30am: I made my breakfast.
6.40am: I sat down to watch some breakfast TV.
6.50am: I concluded that Piers Morgan was too much for this time in the morning. I put my shoes on and headed for the door.
7.21am: I sat on the train, ticket in hand, ready for the hour and ten-minute journey ahead.
8.33am: The train pulled in to Sheffield and I walked to the bus station.
8.35am: The 95 bus pulled into the stand. I showed my student card, gave the bus driver my pound and took my ticket.
8.44am: I went through the revolving doors of the Diamond, down the stairs towards Lecture Theatre 7 ready to begin the day.

That’s the life of a university commuter. Ok, it was far more detail than you need to know but the point I’m trying to make is, it’s not quite the average student’s way of life.

Continue reading