Being from Sheffield and going to University here

Why did I end up going to University in the same city I grew up in?

I actually put Sheffield down on my UCAS form as a space filler – I had dreamed of moving away from home and going to University in a different city since I was young, and consequently, I was absolutely adamant that going to Sheffield was not an option. But when I got an interview for Sheffield, I decided to have a look round, purely because it was on a school day. Continue reading

How securing my Placement Year helped me get back on track

It was mid-way through first year; the buzz of being a fresher had died down, the exam stress was starting to kick in, and I was already finding myself unmotivated.

Nobody was more shocked than me.

I’m that girl who is up at 6am every morning, the girl who stayed behind after school to finish work, the girl that does every extracurricular possible and still attempts a social life.

So, what had happened to knock me off path? Continue reading