How a forgotten email led me to Berlin

The plane lands, and I am beyond terrified.

Welcome to Berlin. In the arrivals zone stands a tall man kitted in cargo shorts and gripping a crumpled sign announcing ‘CityTravelReview’.

This is not where my adventure begins. Eight months ago, an email landed in my already-overflowing university inbox. For a month, said email sat gathering virtual dust as I scrolled past countless times. On a particularly slow day in Western Bank Library, I decided to open this message as a ‘productive’ break from my own work.

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The void (or life after university)

Here’s a truth that could be terrifying, reassuring or the saddest words in the English language: a decade on from now, our university experience will be long, long behind us (for most of us anyway). But before that, we’re going to have to graduate. For me, when faced with the notion of leaving the comfort blanket of full-time education next year, my stomach can occasionally feel like it will drop out my body at any moment. Sound familiar? Welcome to the void.

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