“Take the 40” (Not always but, you know, occasionally)

It’s that time of year again; the IC is at almost full capacity, the student nights are being spent sat at a desk instead of stood at a bar, and for many anxiety is at an all time high.

A recent article in The Guardian discussed the fact that childhood fears, such as the dark and monsters under the bed, are being replaced by more adult anxieties – not least, underperformance. The writer described their concern at their daughter’s virtually automatic response to the question “what is your greatest fear?” But I must admit I think that nausea-inducing heights and my haemophobia would also come in second and third place to my fear of failure. Continue reading

Sheffield Volunteering Awards 2015

I have this terrible habit of being drawn into the glamour and glory of award ceremonies. Watching the BAFTAs, I find a newfound passion for my 15 year old self’s ambitions of being a writer/director like my heroes (Wes Anderson and John Hughes) and imagine myself rubbing elbows with David Fincher and Benedict Cumberbatch and Mel from Bake Off. Perhaps it is a bit of a pipedream, but the wonderful thing about the Sheffield Volunteering awards on Monday is that it was equally inspiring and motivating but also entirely achievable. Continue reading

A student’s response to the election results

My first year has been somewhat of a stereotype; studying hard in the hope of getting off to a good start, joining a multitude of societies, and getting politically revved up as is expected of students – particular in the wake of a General Election. It is kind of bizarre that we are often portrayed as skipping 9am lectures and rocking up to 3pm ones still in our pyjamas, unshowered and half asleep, but also as idealistic revolutionaries. Albeit, misguided ones who haven’t enough experience of the ‘real world’ to understand that equality is an impossibility and capitalism an inevitability. Continue reading

“All the World’s a Stage”

It is no secret that the University of Sheffield has so many societies that there is bound to be one to suit you. There is everything from the slightly strange and the slightly nerdy to the types you will expect to find in every university. It is also no secret that SUTCo (that is, Sheffield University Theatre Company) kind of encompasses all of these categories in the most wonderful way. Continue reading

Just when we thought it was all over…

I remember reading ‘The History Boys’ with my A level English Literature class in Year 12 (a kind of rite of passage when you have lived in Sheffield all your life) and finding it somewhat amusing that most of the characters failed to recognise that the Oxbridge destiny they were all working towards was not an end point at all. It was yet another beginning of yet another challenge – one greater than they had ever experienced before. Continue reading