Jessica Keen: Tips for getting the most out of eMentoring

This post was written by our alumni blogger Jessica Keen.

It’s never too early to think about your options after graduation. If you want to find out more about what a particular job involves, day-to-day, and the best route in, a mentor can be a great sounding board for your ideas, and help you to stand out from the crowd when you do move into the jobs market.

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Guest blog: Consent Conversations

This blog post was written by Melanie Coulson, student and Consent Champion at the University of Sheffield.

During term time I volunteer in Sheffield’s local secondary schools, teaching sex education lessons. These lessons cover topics including: contraception, STIs, sexual consent, sex portrayed in the media, body image and more. A combination of this experience, my confident personality and my need to ensure others around me are safe meant the idea of visiting the first year students in University Residences to discuss issues of sex and consent was not something I was phased by and in fact, was something I strongly wanted to do. Continue reading

Guest blog: why care about the Students’ Union elections?

This post was written by Ana Gabriela Popa, Sheffield Students’ Union International Officer.

(Spoiler alert: fun music lyrics randomly inserted in text)

Democracy can sometimes be frustrating.

(Oh no not I, I will survive! Oh as long as I know how to vote, I know I’ll stay alive!)

Unexercised right to vote? That’s infuriatingly frustrating.

Picture a victorious Trump elected by a small margin of only 60% of the population (90 million eligible voters did not vote) and the Brexit vote that impacts so much on the young population (out of which only 36% voted). How would democracy look now if people would have exercised their right to vote? Would Trump have won? Would we have voted Brexit? Continue reading

Guest blog: 6 things you should know before running to be an SU Officer

This post was written by Ana Gabriela Popa, Sheffield Students’ Union International Officer

Do you want to become an SU Officer? Here are 6 things you MUST know before running: (Spoiler: unofficial Officers’ quotes included – I promise an entertaining read!

1 – Know what an SU Officer is.

It’s hard to describe the role of an SU Officer. It means you can be a representative of students, a trustee board member of an amazing organisation, you can run your own portfolio projects which you have been mandated to do, and you can be an activist for the issues you are passionate about. Of course, there is no proper definition or representation of what your year will actually look like, but just imagine this: you will be able to properly fight for and achieve things you are passionate about. Isn’t that enough of a definition to go for it? As Em Roche, Sports Officer, usually says: ‘it’s sick’ (apparently, “sick” in English can mean cool #InternationalOfficerProblems). Continue reading

Guest blog: Volunteering – a great way to learn about the University and meet others

This a guest blog post by Rong Zou, who recently undertook a volunteering placement for the Festival of the Mind. 

I am a new masters student studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I moved to Sheffield in July 2016. I received an email about volunteering for Festival of the Mind and I thought it was a good chance to practice my English, make friends with other people and learn more about the culture of the UK. Continue reading

Guest blog: from final year undergrad to temporary work experience staff – a week in the life of a Sheffield Uni student

My name is Hannah and I’m a soon-to- be graduate from the department of music at Sheffield University. Although I’m not a regular blogger for the We Are Sheffield Student page, I’ve spent the past week gaining work experience with the Student Communications Team and so I’m really excited to be featuring as a guest writer today.

Hannah image 1

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Guest post: Studying abroad – guaranteed to change your life forever


This post was written by Yung-Han Cho, who writes for the Global Opportunities blog. The Global Opportunities blog features posts from University of Sheffield students studying abroad – they share their advice and experiences to encourage other students to study abroad too!

As an Englishman, I frequently discuss the subject of weather quite often. During my time at Sheffield, I have acclimatised to its sudden rains, whipping winds and chilling temperatures despite the sun shining.

Arriving in Sydney for my study abroad, I was quite shocked to find it was 17C in the middle of July. And someone said this was supposed to be winter? Continue reading