Volunteering alongside your studies: What can you get out of it?

As a final year student, I thought I would share my experiences of volunteering, as well as some of the benefits of volunteering alongside your degree.  If your degree is anything like mine, you will have a lot of spare time on your hands – I noticed that I should probably be undertaking extra activities with the other 162 hours of my week (and not just eating and sleeping!).  I now feel like I’ve made my years in Sheffield much more fulfilling and rewarding, as I’ve taken part in lots of projects within the university and in the surrounding community. Continue reading

How student life has changed me for the better

If there’s one thing I can learn from my whole university experience, it’s that it has changed me in more positive ways than negative.  It doesn’t seem long ago that I was shipped off from my hometown in a 4×4 that, when fully packed, I probably couldn’t breathe in due to the amount of rubbish I had brought with me (a rookie mistake).  By the time my second year came around, I managed to gain a little more oxygen, so at least I had learnt from my first mistake.  Taking examples like these and turning once negative situations into more positive ones has really helped when times are not going quite as planned.  Every student’s university life is different, but I thought I would share some of the ways in which my life has changed, even if just one person can relate and feel better about themselves. Continue reading

Getting your motivation back after the festive period!

It’s the end of the festivities and it’s back to reality.  Every university student knows just how difficult it is to scrape together all remnants of motivation that have been left in early December.  Even festive television can be distracting, especially when Harry Potter is plastered all over ITV (I’m secretly thankful for this).  But, essays don’t write themselves, and hopefully these few tips can ease you back into the swing of your former studious life. Continue reading

You’re coping better than you think you are at University

Who needs a desk to study? Get comfy!

Who needs a desk to study? Get comfy!

Now settling into my third year at Sheffield, I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences from all aspects of my student life.  I’ve realised that just about everyone is fighting their own battles.  I look back on the times when I struggled with a situation and think, “Wow, I really managed to pull through that and come out of the other side”, and at the time, I thought I would crumble under the pressure. Continue reading