A day without women – 9 March 2020

I think it’s safe to say that everybody’s life has been turned upside down in the last week. I meant to write this blog whilst it was still fresh in my mind, but of course, events overtook us and here I am in self-isolation trying to write about a very serious and real problem and do it justice.

Trigger warning – this blog contains references to domestic abuse and violence.

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What nobody tells you about going on a Gap Year/Year Abroad

The opportunity of seeing the world after finishing school is often romanticised and has been stereotyped as the 12 months in which 18-year-olds stroll about various South American countries or maybe stroke an elephant in Thailand.

I am slightly guilty of the former as I opted to go and live in Chile for the second half of my gap year when I was 19. Even if your gap year (or year abroad) is just in one country, it is so much more than just seeing new things and getting some pics for the gram.

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