Year Abroad in Berlin: rambles ft. recommendations

A lot has happened but I’ll start off with the deputy boss’ 50th birthday when we had prosecco, cake and confetti at work. A fantastic combination. That evening I also went for drinks with the other girl on placement in Pavlov’s Bar, a cosy bar with a genuinely fantastic playlist. It was lovely to be able to talk in German for so long and actually feel quite comfortable so things are looking up. Continue reading

Year Abroad blog post: Life in Berlin

I think I left you with the uplifting thought of me getting to the bottom of the pile of paperwork and that has indeed been achieved. Sighs of relief all round. To be quite honest, I didn’t get up to all that much in Berlin initially, though I did meet up a few times with people I know from Sheffield Uni who are also on their Year Abroad here and I signed up to be a Tandem Partner. I wouldn’t really recommend becoming a Tandem Partner because I personally felt like it was like going on a blind date and just found it awkward most of the time – you either click or you don’t. It’s hard to develop a friendship out of it. Continue reading

First few steps

I’ve left leafy  Sheffield and its gorgeous Peaks for pastures new. Berlin. City life. Actual city life. Not feels-like-a-big-village Sheffield city life. Excited and petrified at the same time, name an emotion and I’m probably feeling it. ‘Best year of your life’ is the phrase that gets thrown at me when I tell people I’m starting my year abroad, but I remain somewhat sceptical. Pitching expectations too high can be dangerous and lead to bitter disappointment so instead I’ll simply wait and see how it all unfolds. It might be amazing, it might be awful. Who really knows? Continue reading