What to expect when you’re expecting (to graduate)

As well as all the regular exam stress that this delightful time of year brings, the end of the academic year can bring a whole host of other confusing emotions to final year students. Sometimes it’s joy at the prospect of never again having to sit in silence in a cold echoey room for three hours. At other times, it may be sadness at never again being able to stop off at McDonald’s post night out on your way back to your shared house with your flatmates. But I think most of all it’s a general aura of uncertainty about what the future might bring. So as an official graduate (who admittedly has stuck around in postgraduate education) I thought I might offer some insight about graduation, leaving uni and what happens next. Continue reading

PR in the Steel City

As an English Language and Linguistics graduate, the first assumption people made when I first met them was that I’m going to be a teacher. There were times prior to my graduation where I would come up blank with ideas of what to do after university. Fast forward six months, I’m back in the city that was once my second home, sitting in HR Media’s office on my second internship in PR. Continue reading

My first three months as an alumni

So its been three months since I graduated from The University of Sheffield and it still feels so surreal. I’ve experienced some of best moments so far in life while being an undergraduate and I miss every second of it! Last weekend I went back to Sheffield for a weekend and caught up with everyone there and its made me realise that I definitely want to look into doing an MA – I don’t just miss the life there I miss the people, the union and the sights of the city! So, I thought as my first entry as an alumnus I’d go through my advice on adjusting to graduate life for all of you third years who are a bit worried about what to do after this academic year. Continue reading