Becoming a music photographer overnight

The title of the post may sound like a complete and utter over-exaggeration and more clickbait than any YouTube video in existence, but it’s true! I became a music photographer overnight and here’s the story of how it all went down, along with the photos to prove it.

So, it all began with the fact that I was an avid music lover and gig goer. Thereby, it only seemed natural for me to get involved with Forge Press’s music section. So, I my diary began to fill up with weekly gigs that I’d end up reviewing for them. And one day I looked at my diary and saw that I had pencilled in Genghar’s gig to review at Bungalows & Bears on the 16th of November of 2016 and that was when the idea of photographing the gig popped into my head. Continue reading

Quidditch: from Harry Potter to the muggle world

I’ve been playing Quidditch in the Sheffield Quidditch Society for approximately a year, and since I started I’ve lived this conversation a hundred times:

  • Laura, will you come to [insert plan] on Sunday?
  • Sorry, I can’t, I have training/a tournament.
  • Training? What sport do you play?
  • I play Quidditch.
  • Quidditch? The Harry Potter thing?
  • Yes, that one.
  • That has to be fun to see. Do you fly and everything? How does it work?

Continue reading

Just say yes

I’m going to be honest with you: I really struggled with university in the first year. That magical experience the media tells you about, where you instantly find your best friends and are happy together? I didn’t get that. First year, for me, was an isolated experience. I’m a very anxious person; I struggled with moving away from my strong, loving support network of close friends and family at home… I felt alone, a lot of the time. In the second semester, I accepted that Uni for me just wasn’t going to be the experience it seemed to be for so many of my friends. I decided it was something I had to survive, not enjoy, and though I dreaded leaving home again after the Summer and coming back, I did.

I’m so glad that I did. Continue reading

Volunteering alongside your studies: What can you get out of it?

As a final year student, I thought I would share my experiences of volunteering, as well as some of the benefits of volunteering alongside your degree.  If your degree is anything like mine, you will have a lot of spare time on your hands – I noticed that I should probably be undertaking extra activities with the other 162 hours of my week (and not just eating and sleeping!).  I now feel like I’ve made my years in Sheffield much more fulfilling and rewarding, as I’ve taken part in lots of projects within the university and in the surrounding community. Continue reading

Becoming a mentor

During my third year of university, I decided to become a mentor to first year undergraduate students and also study abroad students coming to Sheffield for a semester. I felt that I had good advice that I could give to first year students and was interested in the chance to meet new people. In addition, having completed a year abroad in Australia last year, I thought that I could offer good advice to study abroad students in terms of dealing with issues such as homesickness or culture shock. Continue reading

Lights, camera, action! Learn to make videos for free!

Whether you fancy yourself as the next Steven Spielberg or simply enjoy capturing your experiences, making videos is an extraordinarily useful skill. It’s also featuring on University courses more often and even crops up in certain job applications. As I hope to have a career in science communication, knowing how to put together a decent video could give me a valuable edge in an interview. But I simply didn’t know where to start or which software to go for. Thankfully, someone made me aware of the Creative Media Workshops run by the Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS) here at the University of Sheffield. Located on Level 4 in the Diamond, this facility boasts a huge range of equipment that students can borrow to make videos, photographs, animations and audio recordings. Even better, they run a regular series of workshops to give you the skills to make the best use of it. And best of all – it’s free! Continue reading

On your marks, get set, hitch…?

Hitch? Now I’m not talking about getting married, or that Will Smith film from the noughties, I’m talking about the wonderful crazy experience that is hitch-hiking.

Bummit is the world’s largest student led charity hitch-hike, unique to the University of Sheffield, with an annual hitch-hike in one day within the UK and another annual hitch-hike in nine days across Europe. Bummit comes from “to bum a lift”, hence bum-it. Continue reading

Starting a society – ice skating

Do you have a passion that’s so far been unrecognised by the Students’ Union? Why not create your own society – not only is it a great experience for any future career (and is included on your HEAR), it also allows you to do something you enjoy at uni outside of studying. Or maybe it’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions to try something new.

My flatmates created the Ice Skating Society since they were keen to skate more and buy their own skates. We all skated together as a big group in Fresher’s Week and there was interest from people in our block. Continue reading