Give it a go: why you should try improv comedy!

It’s Freshers week! That exciting time of year where you sign up to a billion societies and then go to precisely two of them! What fun. Well if you’re looking for a new society to join that you might actually stick with, have I got the offer for you: improv comedy. “What on earth is improv comedy?” I hear you cry, confused but intrigued. Well, if you’ve ever watched an episode of Who’s Line Is It Anyway or Mock the Week (or as I like to call it, six white men and the token minority) you will already have an idea of what improv involves. Closer to sketches than stand-up, improv involves creating short funny scenes based on audience suggestions. The comedy in these scenes can come from silly characters, clever jokes or even the audience suggestions themselves. At its most enjoyable, improv is basically playing make-believe. Continue reading

The Bummit Experience

If you don’t know what Bummit is, and you’re in Sheffield next year, or if you’ve heard of it but don’t know if it’s something you’d be interested in, please read on!

Bummit is a biannual sponsored hitchhike organised by the Uni’s Bummit society to raise money for local charities. The challenge is to reach a set destination by the time limit without spending any money at all on transport, instead relying on the kindness of strangers. Each year the society plan a small day trip to a city in the UK and a 9 day trip to a European city. This Easter, we went to Split in Croatia. Continue reading

Being a runner in Sheffield – or trying to be!

So you come to Sheffield as a new student and think ‘Oooh, maybe I’ll just pop out for a run’, and that’s when you see it… a hill.

Sheffield is famous for its hills, resulting in glorious views and the fabulous Peak District. But to most runners, including me, the sight of a hill in front of you is one of the worst things. Unfortunately for me, I live at the top of one of those hills. You may think that this is great news. It is. Until you realise whichever direction you run down in, at some point you will need to turn around and come back up again! Continue reading

24 Hour Inspire

When I’ve told my family that I’m going to stay awake and volunteer for 24 hours for an event, they told me that I’m crazy. And you know what? Maybe I was. After all the energy drinks and sweets, my body still gave up at hour 23 and I had to go home and rest, missing the grand finale. But those 23 hours were totally worth it. Continue reading

Ten things students can do to help save the planet

There’s plenty of pressure in the media to think about what your impact is on the environment, but as students, we don’t have as much control over our footprint as most. I often feel like I should be doing more for our own and future generations. Not having much money to spare limits the impact we think we have; many students already walk or use public transport, and turning off the heating isn’t so simple when you live in a shared house. Most of us aren’t thinking about having kids just yet, or the environmental implications of that. There are still lots of changes we can make though! Here are 10 easy things you can do as a student to reduce your waste and carbon footprint. Please have a look and try out a few… Continue reading

Becoming a music photographer overnight

The title of the post may sound like a complete and utter over-exaggeration and more clickbait than any YouTube video in existence, but it’s true! I became a music photographer overnight and here’s the story of how it all went down, along with the photos to prove it.

So, it all began with the fact that I was an avid music lover and gig goer. Thereby, it only seemed natural for me to get involved with Forge Press’s music section. So, I my diary began to fill up with weekly gigs that I’d end up reviewing for them. And one day I looked at my diary and saw that I had pencilled in Genghar’s gig to review at Bungalows & Bears on the 16th of November of 2016 and that was when the idea of photographing the gig popped into my head. Continue reading

Quidditch: from Harry Potter to the muggle world

I’ve been playing Quidditch in the Sheffield Quidditch Society for approximately a year, and since I started I’ve lived this conversation a hundred times:

  • Laura, will you come to [insert plan] on Sunday?
  • Sorry, I can’t, I have training/a tournament.
  • Training? What sport do you play?
  • I play Quidditch.
  • Quidditch? The Harry Potter thing?
  • Yes, that one.
  • That has to be fun to see. Do you fly and everything? How does it work?

Continue reading

Just say yes

I’m going to be honest with you: I really struggled with university in the first year. That magical experience the media tells you about, where you instantly find your best friends and are happy together? I didn’t get that. First year, for me, was an isolated experience. I’m a very anxious person; I struggled with moving away from my strong, loving support network of close friends and family at home… I felt alone, a lot of the time. In the second semester, I accepted that Uni for me just wasn’t going to be the experience it seemed to be for so many of my friends. I decided it was something I had to survive, not enjoy, and though I dreaded leaving home again after the Summer and coming back, I did.

I’m so glad that I did. Continue reading