Thinking about being a director? Here’s what I got from the experience

Last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to co-direct the murder mystery ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ written by Joe Reed, edited and co-directed by Elle Raftery for the student society USLES (University of Sheffield Light Entertainment Society). We had a wonderful night full of laughs, high drama and a rainbow squid hat (best not to ask!). This amazing night would not have been possible without this fantastic cast who worked so hard for a month to produce such a phenomenal performance. But getting to this point of being able to perform took hard work, dedication and a lot of long nights. Here’s some things I personally loved about directing.

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The Dreaded ‘M’ Word (£)

As most students know budgeting and managing money can often be in the words of Annie, “a hard knock life”. Trying to figure out your finances between food, bills, nights out and general spends can seem like an impossible task, however, I have made some pointers on things you can do to save and help your finances, for both lower income students and for everybody in general.

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Why I recommend Intra Mural sport

I’m not a natural athlete and I never really have been. This is why I was reluctant to try my hand at sports when I first came to university. I knew I wasn’t good enough at any sport to join a uni team and even if I were, I was a fresher far too intimidated by the thought of attending trials anyhow. For these reasons, I bypassed sports completely. I didn’t know what Intra Mural (IM) was and it wasn’t until it was too late in the year to join, that I discovered it.
This meant that during my first year, my only exercise consisted of the walk to and from Ranmoor to uni and whilst this felt like enough of a workout, I was well aware that I should be doing more. In a bid to change my ways in my second year, I decided to try give IM a try.

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You could be the next Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley is a world-renowned Irish dancer who skyrocketed to fame following the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, at which he, and a troupe of talented dancers following his choreography, performed ‘Riverdance’ for the first time. Jean Butler, co-star to Flatley, also gained recognition for her remarkable talent. If you don’t know who either of these dancers are, I’d recommend that you stop reading this blog and Youtube them right now. Although there are many, Riverdance is a logical place to start before you fall down the rabbit hole of endless spectacular performances.

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A breath of fresh air in the Steel City

Having lived here for nearly two months now, the Sheffield lifestyle is definitely a fresh breathe of air from the loud, hectic and boisterous lifestyle of Nairobi. With incredible architecture all over the city, it’s definitely a place I love getting lost in during my lazy Sundays. Walking down cobblestone foot paths with a Costa cup, bundled up in my parka and possibly looking like an Eskimo, I enjoy the quirky streets splashed with graffiti and lots of weird and historic structures strewn all over the place.

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Top 5 tips for international postgraduate students: make the most out of your time at university

I came to Sheffield from Malaysia in 2012 as an international student, studying LLB Law. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2015. I then decided after three years of employment (also here in Sheffield), that Sheffield is the city I would like to do my Masters too (that proves to you how much I love Sheffield!) In comparison to most international postgraduate students who only just started their first year in Sheffield, I’m in a better position as I have already known the city inside-out as well as university life.

A lot of international postgraduate students found it difficult to make the most out of their time at university as postgraduate course could be really intense, and usually by the time they start to get a grip on everything, it’s time for them to say goodbye. So as someone who has been here long enough, here are my top 5 tips to make the most out of your time at university:

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