Love letter to the IC

It was not until 2 weeks before my first university exam that I discovered the IC for myself. Before that, I had been studying at home, and when I say studying I mean watching Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and The Office. I lived alone but throughout the year I wasn’t lonely as my course was extremely busy. But as exam season loomed, I saw less of my friends and the long lonely days started to hit.

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The Dreaded ‘M’ Word (£)

As most students know budgeting and managing money can often be in the words of Annie, “a hard knock life”. Trying to figure out your finances between food, bills, nights out and general spends can seem like an impossible task, however, I have made some pointers on things you can do to save and help your finances, for both lower income students and for everybody in general.

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Realistic study advice for unmotivated students

I’ve received loads of advice and watched a bunch of videos online on how to become a more productive student but, all of them seemed to have one requirement: an insane work ethic! If you’re like me, I’m a slacker and I realised that those tips do not apply to me. I’d procrastinate by watching videos on “how to stop procrastinating,” then read the comments on other people procrastinating to feel better about myself procrastinating. After watching these videos, I’d feel great and pretend to be this motivated person for a hot minute. I wasn’t following the advice they were giving me because it is unpleasantly difficult! Let’s be real, it can be hard to get out of bed. With my experience of getting into this Russell Group University, surviving first-year, and having my first mental breakdown after 1 assignment, I feel like I have the credentials to give you some of my advice!

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How having a gap year helped me settle into student life(ish)…

Hold onto your elephant trousers and fasten your nose rings because I am going to explain how having the stereotypical ‘Gap Yah’ experience in South East Asia has helped me settle into the exotic lifestyle of the University of Sheffield. *Disclaimer* casual reminders and an abundance of photos are apparently a so-called by-product of the gap year experience so please allow me to explain myself in the least pompous way possible. Now, don’t get me wrong Sheffield may not be no Koh Phi Phi or the black sandy beaches of Bali but it does hold a certain charm in its own unique way.

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Living in Crookes: It’s only downhill from here

Before moving to Sheffield for my master studies (in Cultural Studies), I had the expectation of talking a lot about these topics in the very near future:

Culture (check), quality of tea (not so much), maybe homesickness (not the case, happily).

I did not, however, expect to talk very much about these: aching muscles, hills, and bananas. The reason for this strange combo? – Crookes.

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5 nuggets of wisdom to help you apply for a placement

Whether this is your first time applying or if you’re a seasoned veteran – applying for a summer or year long placement can be very daunting. From stressing out about those ‘scary’ interviews to frantically deciding on the specific internship. Hopefully, these pointers will show that with determination and hard work you too can land the placement of a life time!

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The seminar wallflower – thoughts on contributing more

Picture this, your seminar tutor has just asked the group a question. There is a deafening silence as they await an answer. This time, you have the perfect discussion point that you’ve been contemplating all week. Just as you gain the courage, someone else jumps in. The cycle repeats. Fifty minutes go by and you realise you’ve been a spectator to your peers’ discussion, yet again struggling to contribute. Sharing your thoughts can be daunting for many of us. Especially if you have anxiety. Seminars can be a nightmare for introverts that are scientifically more productive when alone. Alas, seminars and workshops are a part of uni and it can be beneficial for your grades when you begin to feel more comfortable speaking in a group.

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