My hunt for veggie/vegan brunches in Sheffield

I have been here 2 years and I always seem to be stumbling upon these small, cute and quirky restaurants around Sheff. The best part about it is, they serve delicious, Instagram-worthy, vegetarian/vegan food. The veggie scene here is booming! Most of these places are open during the day, and would be the best for a yummy Sunday brunch. If your idea of brunch involves pancakes, funky toasts, rainbow bowls, waffles, flowers in your food (crazy right?) I’ve got you covered! Besides, who can say no to those aesthetic looking meals?

alssyum 2

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Sheffield for under £5

Exams are approaching rapidly and I wanted to compile a short list of some fun stuff to do in either an evening or afternoon off from revising or to relax once their finally over. The four I ended up picking all cost £5 or less but the last two are out near Meadowhall so, unless you have a car or other transport, there will be the cost of the tram. We tend to eat out at Meadowhall (or Ikea) and make a good trip out of it. Continue reading

A veggie-friendly tour of Sheffield’s Christmas markets

Biting weather, long nights, and shining snowflake lights: that’s right, it’s Christmas time already. And what would the festive season be without an obligatory Christmas market in the city? With the autumn term wrapping up many students may have disappeared home for Christmas, but if you’re still around Sheffield over the winter break it’s well worth taking a stroll through the city’s Christmas market, particularly when there’s so much vegetarian grub to sink your teeth in to. Continue reading

Sheffield for Instagramers

What if I told you that you live in a place that used to be called the ‘Steel City’, crossed by rivers, full of neo-gothic and contemporary architecture, inhabited by people from many different parts of the world and the cradle of the world’s oldest football club (and The Arctic Monkeys)?

If you are, like me, an enthusiast of sharing your experiences with family and friends through a lens and a smartphone, then this is the post for you! Here, I’ll show you some of my favorite photography techniques to exploit the greatness of Sheffield. At the same time, I’ll share with you some of Sheffield’s great Instagramers.

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Exploring Kelham Island

Formerly the heart and soul of Sheffield’s industry, Kelham Island housed mills that served water wheels, powering workshops during the cities industrial prime. Decades later, the mills, steel works and warehouses provide the most appropriate cultural and historical setting to one of the liveliest and hippest of the eleven quarters of Sheffield. From the effervescent Yellow Arch Studios to the cosiest of pubs, The Fat Cat, there is something for everyone and anyone.

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I’ve seen so many bloggers write about things you must see/do in Sheffield and I always enjoy reading them.  I was sat in the lounge with my housemate the other day when it suddenly hit home that as a fourth year student there are so many things I still haven’t done and I’ll be graduating in the Summer!  I thought if I actually wrote my own bucket list (rather than reading everyone else’s and kidding myself that I’ll actually make a meaningful note to do the things suggested) I might actually get round to ticking some things off!

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Perfect places to take your parents

So it’s the start of a brand new year at university; you are just getting used to having to wake up again for lectures and getting into the routine of nights out and sports practices and labs and seminars. And not being told what to do by your parents.

But without doubt, soon the parents will start appearing again, even though they only dropped you off a couple of weeks ago, most can’t seem to stay away. A weekend visit from your parents may be cherished by some or dreaded by others. But there are lots of advantages to your parents visiting. If you are lucky, they may bring you some treats to eat, or do a food shop for you. And in return you need to decide where to take them for dinner. Unfortunately, this time, a cheeky kebab or Morrison’s microwave meal may not cut the mustard. Continue reading

Staying in Sheffield over summer? Don’t despair…

As a PhD Research Student, summer is the time when the office and labs suddenly empty as all my colleagues depart for exciting international conferences or the holiday they have been dreaming of all through the long dark winter. Sadly, I won’t be joining them this year. With only a few months left to finish all my lab work before my funding ends, I simply can’t afford to take any extended time away from the department. If I was a computational scientist and could take my work with me, things might be different but as a plant scientist, I have to be around to look after my ‘babies’. Continue reading

5 acts you should see at Tramlines this year

Described as Sheffield’s biggest ever party, Tramlines Festival will take place next month at its new 40,000-capacity home of Hillsborough Park.

With a strong line up across three days, both at the park and Fringe venues across the city, there is no shortage of choice.

To help you narrow it down and plan your weekend, here are our picks of who you should see between 20 and 22 July. Continue reading