The Peddler Night Market

On the first weekend of every month, 92 Burton Road at Kelham Island becomes the home of the Peddler Night Market for a Friday and Saturday street food extravaganza. However, Peddler doesn’t stop at providing you with amazing street food from local vendors or those well known from further away; there is also live music and independent traders as well as an abundance of alcohol (and non-alcohol) options for you to choose from. Also every couple of months, there is the one day only Veg Out – a Peddler purely consisting of vegetarian and vegan food vendors. This is always a fantastic event.

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You could be the next Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley is a world-renowned Irish dancer who skyrocketed to fame following the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, at which he, and a troupe of talented dancers following his choreography, performed ‘Riverdance’ for the first time. Jean Butler, co-star to Flatley, also gained recognition for her remarkable talent. If you don’t know who either of these dancers are, I’d recommend that you stop reading this blog and Youtube them right now. Although there are many, Riverdance is a logical place to start before you fall down the rabbit hole of endless spectacular performances.

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The Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Sheffield

Studying in a coffee shop can be a great way to take a break from the library when you start to get cabin fever. Studies have even found that changing your working environment boosts your productivity, and the background noise may enhance creativity. However not all coffee shops welcome you to sit there for hours on your laptop after only buying one coffee. Here are some suggestions of places close to campus that are suitable for studying.

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Havin’ a munch in Sheffield

Attention all brunch lovers, coffee sippers, food bloggers and all round food lovers. Sheffield is filled with tonnes of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered and ready to satisfy everyones hunger, no matter the time or day. Ranging from freshly baked breads to platters of mixed grilled meats, our little city seems to have food for every mood! Read on for a quick introduction into just a few of the spots I’ve enjoyed whilst at uni. 

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I regret not going to Varsity last year, don’t make the same mistake

I was always fiercely competitive at school, even if I had no responsibility for, or involvement in, the thing that I felt competitive about. Take sports days as an example: I always wanted my house to win even if I wasn’t competing. Lots of people probably felt the same way, but I would like to add that I was very competitive; I was deeply invested in school dance, school art, school music and school drama competitions too. Maybe that’s why I felt so strongly about Varsity and wanting my University to do well. It was also more than that: I felt proud every time I read about the University teams, as it seemed a lot of people did. This time last year conversations frequently involved the question: have you seen the Varsity score? (Not to say that the fun of Varsity depends upon who wins). I left the results page open as a tab on my phone to check for updates, and I watched all of the videos on the University’s Instagram stories. Continue reading

Let’s try being green in 2019

I’ve never cared as much as I should about the environment. As a student in Sheffield, it’s easy to feel removed from the climatic changes occurring across the globe. However, the increased charge of 5p for plastic bags, the commotion regarding Iceland’s banned advert which drew attention to the dangers of using palm oil and the harrowing images of plastic waste caught around the necks of animals circulating Facebook, have brought the environment knocking on my door.


Photo: Huffington Post

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Sheffield, a city of art

Always in competition with its fellow Northern cities such as Leeds and Liverpool, aswell as the capital, Sheffield is often overshadowed in the art world by the likes of the Tate and the V&A. However, the Sheffield art scene presents a refreshing change; the institution and politics of art is replaced with the affordable and accessible. The city has an eclectic mix of both amateur and professional artists, past and present, including the likes of John Ruskin and Pete McKee, lending nicely to a vast array of galleries. So, if it’s anything from performance-based art to the fine arts you’re looking for, Sheffield has it all, on a unique and unpretentious level. Continue reading

My hunt for veggie/vegan brunches in Sheffield

I have been here 2 years and I always seem to be stumbling upon these small, cute and quirky restaurants around Sheff. The best part about it is, they serve delicious, Instagram-worthy, vegetarian/vegan food. The veggie scene here is booming! Most of these places are open during the day, and would be the best for a yummy Sunday brunch. If your idea of brunch involves pancakes, funky toasts, rainbow bowls, waffles, flowers in your food (crazy right?) I’ve got you covered! Besides, who can say no to those aesthetic looking meals?

alssyum 2

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Sheffield for under £5

Exams are approaching rapidly and I wanted to compile a short list of some fun stuff to do in either an evening or afternoon off from revising or to relax once their finally over. The four I ended up picking all cost £5 or less but the last two are out near Meadowhall so, unless you have a car or other transport, there will be the cost of the tram. We tend to eat out at Meadowhall (or Ikea) and make a good trip out of it. Continue reading