Closing time

Having a job while studying at university has its obvious benefits. The extra money coming in allows me to pay for food, my social life and that treat of a bar of chocolate I plan on buying after my last exam of the season. But having this level of financial independence is not the only benefit. From my experience, there are so many others which aren’t often thought about. Continue reading

How securing my Placement Year helped me get back on track

It was mid-way through first year; the buzz of being a fresher had died down, the exam stress was starting to kick in, and I was already finding myself unmotivated.

Nobody was more shocked than me.

I’m that girl who is up at 6am every morning, the girl who stayed behind after school to finish work, the girl that does every extracurricular possible and still attempts a social life.

So, what had happened to knock me off path? Continue reading

Part time job: pros

Working part time can sometimes feel like its impacting negatively on your studies, but I believe there are many more positives in earning your own money. Something I first found odd coming to uni was no one had a job, not even during half terms. Whereas, back home, you were the odd one out if you didn’t work.

I’m not saying working part time alongside your studies, even during half terms, is good for everyone, especially depending on contact hours. But I do think it can improve your job prospects after uni, and, as cliché as it may sound, help you develop into a more well-rounded individual. Continue reading

Finding the right part-time job

I have worked in many weird and wonderful jobs in the past from a paper factory, to a Chinese takeaway – but an exhibition assistant? I did not see that one coming.

When I came to Sheffield as a fresher in 2014 one of the first things on my to-do list after a week of partying was the dreaded job hunt. I went to the careers fair, applied online at various pubs and clubs and finally landed myself part time work in a kitchen in the November. My job gave me an escape from University life and the chance to meet new friends. I think that it is easy to feel overwhelmed in your first year, especially living in University accommodation, surrounded solely by students. Part time work can offer some much needed balance. Continue reading

PR in the Steel City

As an English Language and Linguistics graduate, the first assumption people made when I first met them was that I’m going to be a teacher. There were times prior to my graduation where I would come up blank with ideas of what to do after university. Fast forward six months, I’m back in the city that was once my second home, sitting in HR Media’s office on my second internship in PR. Continue reading

The transition to a placement year

After finishing third year exams and squeezing in a family holiday, I moved to Manchester for a year placement at an engineering company. As expected, it’s a very different experience from student life in Sheffield, but one I’m glad to be having. There’s a long list of reasons I chose a placement year, including career prospects and applying my degree knowledge. It’s been a big transition with a lot of differences but the odd similarity too. Continue reading

Guest blog: from final year undergrad to temporary work experience staff – a week in the life of a Sheffield Uni student

My name is Hannah and I’m a soon-to- be graduate from the department of music at Sheffield University. Although I’m not a regular blogger for the We Are Sheffield Student page, I’ve spent the past week gaining work experience with the Student Communications Team and so I’m really excited to be featuring as a guest writer today.

Hannah image 1

Continue reading