Studying abroad during the coronavirus pandemic

Before travelling to Canada for my study abroad exchange in August last year, I spent weeks deciding what to pack, writing checklists to make sure I didn’t forget anything, and double checking the checklists. I met up with all my friends and family to say our goodbyes. I booked my flight and had everything planned out months in advance. My return to the UK was the complete opposite. 

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New Year, New Adventures!

It’s the start of a new decade, and this is usually the time where many people look back on what they achieved, and set goals for the upcoming year. I’m currently on a year abroad studying in Canada, and after coming home for Christmas I’m now settling back in for the second semester. Living abroad helps to give you a new perspective, and as we start the new year, I have some advice my time abroad has taught me so far.

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How having a gap year helped me settle into student life(ish)…

Hold onto your elephant trousers and fasten your nose rings because I am going to explain how having the stereotypical ‘Gap Yah’ experience in South East Asia has helped me settle into the exotic lifestyle of the University of Sheffield. *Disclaimer* casual reminders and an abundance of photos are apparently a so-called by-product of the gap year experience so please allow me to explain myself in the least pompous way possible. Now, don’t get me wrong Sheffield may not be no Koh Phi Phi or the black sandy beaches of Bali but it does hold a certain charm in its own unique way.

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The Summer of a Lifetime

Normally when people say something along the lines of “it was the best summer of my life” or “it was a life changing experience”, you reckon it’s just a bit of over exaggeration. Perhaps milking the experience to make a good story. Or they feel the pressure of having to have had an amazing time abroad because a place can’t be more than just a place. It can’t have been a simple ‘okay’. All abroad stories must be bigger and better because that’s what you go for, right? To have an experience that you can’t get at home.

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Considering a year abroad?

Since the go abroad fair is coming up soon, and this is the time of year many students decide whether to apply for a semester or year abroad, I thought I’d share my experiences of studying abroad so far. I’m currently on an exchange for a year at the University of Alberta in Canada, and I’ve been here just over 2 months. It’s been an amazing experience, and although it’s been tough at times, I’m really enjoying it. However, there’s also been difficulties I’ve had to overcome, some of which I anticipated, but some of which were unexpected. In this blog I’ll give you some advice for things to consider when deciding whether to study abroad.


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How a forgotten email led me to Berlin

The plane lands, and I am beyond terrified.

Welcome to Berlin. In the arrivals zone stands a tall man kitted in cargo shorts and gripping a crumpled sign announcing ‘CityTravelReview’.

This is not where my adventure begins. Eight months ago, an email landed in my already-overflowing university inbox. For a month, said email sat gathering virtual dust as I scrolled past countless times. On a particularly slow day in Western Bank Library, I decided to open this message as a ‘productive’ break from my own work.

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