Time to switch off?

Nowadays, with modern technology the way it is, it is very easy to fall into the temptation of checking your phone every 5 minutes. What happens if someone has texted? How many people have liked my recent Instagram picture? Who has commented on my Facebook post? But recent studies have shown that we are spending more and more time looking at screens and less and less time interacting with others around us. There is even a syndrome called FOMO: Fear of Missing Out, defined as ‘anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media’. Continue reading

Volunteering alongside your studies: What can you get out of it?

As a final year student, I thought I would share my experiences of volunteering, as well as some of the benefits of volunteering alongside your degree.  If your degree is anything like mine, you will have a lot of spare time on your hands – I noticed that I should probably be undertaking extra activities with the other 162 hours of my week (and not just eating and sleeping!).  I now feel like I’ve made my years in Sheffield much more fulfilling and rewarding, as I’ve taken part in lots of projects within the university and in the surrounding community. Continue reading

Self care is a wonderful thing

Last week I reached a point where reality could only be described as one of the following: bleak, stressful, futile, dismal or grim. I may have gone a bit wild with the synonym button but you get the idea. I had deadlines looming, four long shifts at work and my personal life seemed to busier than ever. Top this off with an unexpected spring cold and you have yourself a pretty miserable student. Continue reading

Lincoln – the perfect student getaway!

Whilst Sheffield is a brilliant place to live and study, we can all benefit from an escape once in a while. But if you have done the obvious options – Chatsworth, Bakewell, Castleton, maybe even a foray to York- where else makes a good value, student-friendly day out? For somewhere that ticks all the boxes and absolutely brims with art, history, culture and quirky shops – look to Lincoln! Continue reading

Year Abroad in Berlin: rambles ft. recommendations

A lot has happened but I’ll start off with the deputy boss’ 50th birthday when we had prosecco, cake and confetti at work. A fantastic combination. That evening I also went for drinks with the other girl on placement in Pavlov’s Bar, a cosy bar with a genuinely fantastic playlist. It was lovely to be able to talk in German for so long and actually feel quite comfortable so things are looking up. Continue reading

The inevitable realities of third year

There is something rather enjoyable, for me anyway, about sitting and watching the world go by. People getting on with their daily lives whatever they may be up to and wherever this may lead. As I write I am sat doing exactly that. With a Costa in one hand I am currently sat waiting for my train home from London having just endured another reality of third year: a job interview. Having to accept the inevitable reality that I need to leave the bubble of university really hit home as I travelled down to London in the early hours of this morning (and that’s not just student early, I mean 6:30am)! Continue reading

Gap year

Having recently began my final semester of uni, myself and a lot of my friends are wondering what the next step is. Despite some having future plans set in place, the majority of people I know don’t have concrete plans for next year and are really just waiting to see where the wind takes them. Of the people who aren’t planning on doing a postgrad degree or working, many are considering a gap year- something I am a big supporter of. Continue reading