Chinese New Year at Sheffield

I have a love-hate relationship on how Sheffield semester dates always, always coincide with Chinese New Year.

I remember my first year here at Sheffield celebrating Chinese New Year. It is customary for family members to gather and have dinner together on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Since I’m so far away from home, my mum had suggested me to ‘have dinner’ with them via FaceTime (this was really a brilliant idea). What replaces me on my house’s dining table is an iPad and what replaces my mum’s delicious cooking is some Chinese takeout left from the night before. Continue reading

Easy ways to make money as a student

As far as I’m concerned, as soon as you’ve got that photo printed on your U-card and you are an official member of the student body, you’re now living in a recession. Unless you are fortunate enough to have your bank account frequently supplemented by your parents or whoever, you are going to be wanting to look for some fairly easy ways of bulking your purse up.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have by no means made a fortune and am no expect in business. My overdraft has many a time stretched to what I often feared would be beyond its limits. However, I have during the course of my time at university been able to make some good money without having a ‘proper’ job. Continue reading

The Hope Valley Line: your ticket to some first-class days out!

Sheffield has absolutely fantastic transport links, and there’s no better time to explore them than right now. I know, I know, it’s Winter, and you’re cold, penguins have set up camp in your house kitchen, and you don’t remember the last time you wore less than three layers, but hear me out. Even in the depths of British Winter, there’s no place like the Peak District, and you can explore it without freezing to death, I promise. Continue reading

On the General Engineering Challenge

Gruelling exams aside, this year has been relatively busy. This is because I had to participate in the General Engineering Challenge (GEC).

As part of the chemical engineering degree I’m doing, I have to take part in GEC. This goes on for a week and involves different teams (each comprised of students from different engineering disciplines) coming up with a solution for real-life engineering problems. Apart from strengthening our problem solving skills, the challenge also helps students develop soft skills such as leadership, team work and communication. Continue reading

Sheffield is a vegan student’s dream!

Sheffield is the UK’s vegan capital so naturally you’ll find that there are plentiful of solely vegan as well as vegan friendly places that you can explore and try out (without breaking the bank may I add).

Our very own Students’ Union has many food outlets that all cater to a vegan diet by having some exquisite vegan cuisine on offer. But also, there are vegan options at all of the food serving places in the different University buildings. So, as a vegan student you are more than covered by the University for any cravings that you may have. Continue reading

Becoming a music photographer overnight

The title of the post may sound like a complete and utter over-exaggeration and more clickbait than any YouTube video in existence, but it’s true! I became a music photographer overnight and here’s the story of how it all went down, along with the photos to prove it.

So, it all began with the fact that I was an avid music lover and gig goer. Thereby, it only seemed natural for me to get involved with Forge Press’s music section. So, I my diary began to fill up with weekly gigs that I’d end up reviewing for them. And one day I looked at my diary and saw that I had pencilled in Genghar’s gig to review at Bungalows & Bears on the 16th of November of 2016 and that was when the idea of photographing the gig popped into my head. Continue reading

The last hurdle: preparing for a viva

Sometime in the future – a time and place that I cannot envisage at present – I will finish my thesis. It will have taken 3 years and consist of 75,000 words, as a PhD in English Literature dictates, and will have taken a large part of my soul to complete I imagine. I will afterward roam around a world without the daily writing and research, where I am not sat at my desk and rediscover the outdoors. However, I must be wary not to fall into the habit of doing nothing or lose motivation just then as I’ll have one more thing to complete: the viva voce. Continue reading

Closing time

Having a job while studying at university has its obvious benefits. The extra money coming in allows me to pay for food, my social life and that treat of a bar of chocolate I plan on buying after my last exam of the season. But having this level of financial independence is not the only benefit. From my experience, there are so many others which aren’t often thought about. Continue reading

Earning some pocket money whilst doing a PhD

Most people know that you don’t do a PhD for the money, but rather for the love of your subject. PhD students are generally paid a stipend though, a non-taxable sum of money to cover basic living costs. This can range in amount but it’s always nice to be able to earn a bit more money on the side to enable you to treat yourself every now and again. It varies widely from department to department, but especially in the Science departments, there are a great number of ways to earn a bit more money, alongside your studies, at the same time as enhancing your CV. Continue reading